Sunday, August 25, 2013

7 Habits Matching Game

My kiddos love matching games.  I use them ALL the time and they are always engaged and eager to complete them.  We match rhythm patterns to icons, stick-notation solfa to solfa on the staff, and musical terms (such as "forte") to their definitions.  I've created my own games or eagerly downloaded a few from others.

To go along with the 7 Habits theme, I created a new matching game to help with language acquisition.  Many of our students can memorize/recite the 7 Habits, but as teachers, it is our job to make sure they understand the Habits and know when and how to use them.  Learning to internalize the language can help with this.

Each habit has four cards that match:
Card 1: Name of Habit (for example "Be Proactive")
Card 2: Number of Habit (for example "Habit One")
Card 3: Motto of Habit (for example "I'm in Charge of Me")
Card 4: Language that goes with the Habit


  1. I love this idea. I see where it says "Free Download Here," but it doesn't seem to let me click on it. Is it just me or is the link not working?

  2. Great idea but how can I download it? Thanks.